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Dan Lees and Neil Frost. Two men dressed in suits with bowler hats.

The Establishment


Dan Lees and Neil Frost (Mad Etiquette) bring you 'The Establishment'. Two quintessentially English gentlemen from a bygone era struggle to hold on to their values, wealth and power. Their whimsical world of cricket, tea and secret arms deals is under threat and they're not giving up that easily.  Keep calm and carry on.


“Another much-needed chapter in our national legacy of lampooning the powers that be, building on Peter Cook, the Pythons and The Fast Show.. You can imagine this going down very well indeed at the Palladium or the BBC.”

“Enjoy the charming chutzpah of Dan Lees and Neil Frost.. they don’t miss a beat”

“One of the best shows I’ve seen this year.. top class”

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