Introduction to Clown Workshop (2 day), 19th-20th November 2016


This workshop will explore what makes you funny. We are all humorous in different ways. We each have our own unique comedic self. The clown is at its essence you, not a character you play.


As humans beings we are all fallible and it is this imperfection that gives us our humanity. We are conditioned to always be good and hide our mistakes and faults. Conversely the clown finds pleasure in being bad and does not disguise anything, as a result he finds freedom from the normal constraints imposed on us, in our day-to-day lives. By embodying the true idiotic self, with optimism and sensitivity, we can find freedom on stage, opening up the imagination to find a place of infinite possibilities for laughter and play.


The clown exists in the moment, responding to and constantly finding games with the audience and fellow performers. Through a series of playful exercises, games and improvisations you will be encouraged to take risks, be impulsive and to find the pleasure to be stupid.


This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced performers.


"Dan creates a beautifully playful and safe environment and allows the participant to learn at their own speed."

Stephen Sobal, Artistic Director of All In Theatre.


"The workshop was exhilarating and fun. Whether it is clowning or public speaking, Dan will help you seek the play and the truth in what you do"

Andrea Spisto, Infinite Experience Arts Company





Dan Lees has studied at Ecole Phillippe Gaulier in Paris and with many other highly respected clown teachers. He has performed his award-winning, one man show ‘Brainchild’ in Australia and the Czech Republic and he received a Judges Award for Theatre at the London Mimetic Festival in 2014. He was a Hackney Empire and Amused Mouse New Act Finalist with comedy duo Moonfish Rhumba. Dan has also tours regularly with Clowns Without Borders UK, a non-profit organisation who perform to children in crisis areas all over the world. He is also a co-founder of the London Clown festival.