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December 2014

'Brainchild' received the Mimetic Festival Judges Award for Theatre. 

November 2014

I recently appeared in this pilot made by Nina Conti, called "Living with Monkey',

Check it out below:

March 2014


Ok, so here's the lastest.. 


Last month Nina Conti asked me to play a policeman in a taster for her new show, in which she is forced to wear her monkey 24/7 for a month. Very fun to do, all improvised, which works for me, no lines to learn!


On the 24th of April I will be doing the first preview of my new solo show "Brainchild" which will be running throughout the Edinburgh Festival. I'm very excited to getting directorial help from the marvelous MIck Barnfather.


As usual you can find me working new material in at the Lost Cabaret at the Priory arms every Friday, this is a very unconventional evening, I highly reccomend it if you enjoy alternative comedy. I am also involved in bringing this to the fringe this year.


In May I will be appearing in 'The Honky Bonk Comrades', a family clown show at the Brighton Fringe.





September 2014


Its been a fantastic summer, I had a great time in Edinburgh with my new solo show 'Brainchild' and also performing with Phillip Burgers

AKA Dr Brown in his experimental, improvised show 'BEWHATTHEFUCK'


In November I will be performing 'Brainchild' for two nights (20th & 21st November) at the Mimetic Festival at The Vaults in Waterloo. This is a relatively new festival of physical theatre, pupetry and cabaret and I'm very excited to be involved. Tickets will be available soon.


This month I was honoured to perform the balloon dance with Martin Soan of the legendary Greatest Show on Legs at a showing of a wonderful new film about Malcolm Hardy, which I believe is still in development.




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